Ho Ho Ho ! It’s December 2014 !  Perodua-Price.com wishes Merry Christmas to everyone. And not only that , I am going to give out a SPECIAL Present to the FIRST 20 customers who buy a Perodua Car of all variants of ALZA 1.5 , Myvi 1.3 SE Auto and Myvi 1.5 SE Auto . This month only , remember that !  SO HURRY UP AND CALL ME NOW TO BOOK A PERODUA CAR NOW ! and don’t forget all the FREE GIFTS STATED ON MY WEBSITE too .

This Perodua-Price given promotion will end on the end of the month with terms and condition (**T&C ) applied and must be registered before the last day of the month. Thank you very much .

* Free Gifts  *Term & Condition apply . * While stock last.

Welcome to Perodua-Price.com . The latest price list for all Perodua Cars / Models are stated below for New Axia 1.0, Myvi XT 1.3, Perodua Myvi 1.3 S Series , Perodua Myvi 1.5 SE , Myvi Extreme 1.5 and the NEW Alza Variant .

Update 18th September 2014.

* The above Perodua-Price List is based on solid white color ( metallic color add RM500) . Price for installment are based on 10% down payment.

* All the above prices are based in Peninsular Malaysia only.  Prices may differ from Sabah, Sarawak and other countries.

* Prices are subject to changed without prior notice .

* Installment rates calculated may differ from actual Bank interest rates , subject to terms and condition applied.

Just started working after your diploma or degree ? Thinking of getting a new Perodua car ?  Here’s the easy way of doing it . Introducing …

*Graduate Scheme ( Skim Graduan ) from Bank Islam.

** For more info on this scheme, please give me a call or click the link below.  Thank you.

For safety of your car while driving , a lot of us forget to lock our car while driving . Due to the thefts that we been hearing now days, it is Best to install the Auto Brake Lock while we humans are sometimes forgetful to lock our cars. Best suitable for all cars from Perodua Viva , Myvi 1.3, Myvi 1.5 and New Alza .

I’m not here to make stupid risks that jeopardize my family’s security and neither should you.

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